About Us

On a mission to build the future of hiring

How it all started

Over the years, co-founders Vaibhav and Michael have sat on both sides of the table. First as an employee, finding meaningful work was difficult. Then whilst running their own agencies  they discovered that the hiring process is extremely fractured and costly.

With over two decades worth of experience in leading and building products for some of the world's most recognised and reputable startups, they then decided to join forces and build the future of meaningful work on a global scale.

We are Laddr

We’re a software technology company based in Sydney, founded in July 2018. Prior to Laddr, we have worked alongside Australia’s most reputable brands; Spaceship, PwC, Hey You, Snappr (Y Combinator ’17), AutoTrader, Transcendence and more.

Our mission is to help millions find meaningful work. We use hyper-focused data to scientifically and emotionally help match candidates with opportunities that align with what they’re looking for.